Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beach Adventures

There's just something about seeing your children see something amazing for the first time. The wonder on their faces is breathtaking. Parker and Logan were mesmerized with the ocean from the moment we crossed the big bridge at Navarre Beach in Florida. All that water and no end to it in sight makes for two wide-eyed boys!
We were there for my sister-in-law Ashley's wedding to her long time boyfriend JD. It was a beautiful wedding and the boys were ring bearers. They did a wonderful job - but I am biased.
When we first got there, Parker headed straight for the water. He had no idea what ocean water would do, and the minute he stuck his foot in, he lost his shoe. So in goes mom, after it. I hadn't been to the beach since I was a kid, and I myself didn't realize it would knock me down! So there I go, in the water, with my clothes still on and the camera held high in the air so that it wouldn't get wet. I could hear Bryan (and everyone else on the beach) laughing hysterically at me. That's the last time I make such an effort for a two dollar Target flip-flop!
Both boys got knocked down, but they got right back in the water. We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed time with family.
Now we are focused on family in the Grandpa Kerby will have a quadruple bypass in the morning, and my Grandma Cole is receiving IV antibiotics for an infection. Praying hard that everyone is well soon!
Posting pictures from Navarre!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Life Keeps On Moving!

I could feel out of breath just watching my boys grow. Logan's graduation ceremony was nothing short of precious, of course, and I was surprised that I held in the tears. He's so proud of himself and happy to be moving on, that it's hard to cry! I am sad, though, when I think about this chapter in our lives ending. We had such a special time with preschool through both boys at Little Tots, and we feel like we are losing family! So glad we have facebook so I can keep in touch with the wonderful ladies there.
Parker finished first grade with an "A" average in all of his subjects for the year. His teacher said that he's so imaginative and such a joy. I knew that. :) Parker seems to have the perfect combination of book smarts and "coolness" that I wish I had as a kid. I think it partly comes with being a boy. He's confident, doesn't worry if a buddy doesn't want to play, and seems to be the life of the party. Thank God that both my boys seem to be growing up confident and happy. I spent way too much time in my childhood worrying about who my friends were, why somebody wasn't playing with me, and how I could fit in. I wish I could go back and just focus on my wonderful family and let all that other stuff go! Maybe it's a boy thing. And together, he and Logan act like they can conquer the world! Look out...It's the COOK BOYS!
Posting pictures of Logan's graduation. Lord willing, we'll have lots of summer memories to post soon!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

After the Storm

It's really easy for me to say that there is an "after." We had no damage from the deadly tornadoes and didn't even lose power. For those who lost loved ones and homes on April 27, 2011, I am sure they are still working to find their "after." The Cook family is praying for them and we hope that they feel the presence of God in these trying times. I can't even begin to try to understand what they are going through. God bless them and comfort them.
We made some small changes to our schedule after the storms hit. Our Crimson Caravan was canceled and so was my sister-in-law's wedding shower. I was very disappointed about the shower, for sure. I love being a part of my brothers and sisters-in-law's lives, because as I have mentioned before, I am an only child and they ARE my siblings. I was excited to do something for Ashley for her upcoming wedding. Now the weekends are so packed it doesn't look possible. But we still have the wedding to look forward to, and we'll be going to the beach for the big day!
We were able to go see "THOR" a day before it was released. We walked the red carpet, got goodies and felt like VIPs for the night. Special thanks to Bryan's cousin Jason and his sweet family for inviting us. We had so much fun! And the movie wasn't bad either! The boys are still holding on to their little THOR hammers.
Tomorrow night is the night that Logan graduates preschool. It seems like yesterday that I held him in my arms and fed him a bottle, counted his fingers and toes and marveled at his beautiful red hair. Time moves fast. Parker is a big boy and has 16 days left until he's out for summer. We hope to see and do lots this summer and to keep busy. We'll see how that goes!
I had such a beautiful Mother's Day. Three handsome men gave me a beautiful flying butterfly in a jar and sweet cards, and some beautiful hand made gifts as well. I was able to worship the Lord with my husband and gorgeous kiddos and spent some time with our family as well. I am blessed with a mom that is my best friend, and I wish I could celebrate Mother's Day for her every day. Lord help me always to remember to be thankful for those precious angels that make me a mother, and for the mother that is mine.
Now we are looking forward to another visit with my nephew this weekend, oh, and the rest of the family, too...can't you see where this proud aunt's priorities are? :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Vacation and a Happy Easter

Wow! We needed a vacation to get over our vacation. Those boys wanted to GO constantly. We left on a Tuesday morning at about 5 a.m. Our thought was that the boys would SLEEP on the way to Gatlinburg. HA! At midnight in the hotel room, Parker was still going strong. And at 7 the next morning, he was hovering over my sleeping self, asking what we were going to do today! Logan needed much more rest than his brother, but he was still pretty pumped to find out what the day would bring. Our first real vacation attempt was great, and although we may only go somewhere for several days every couple of years, I am glad we got it started.
Easter was beautiful, and although my Mama Cole has been in the hospital, it's been a great few weeks. She has had struggles, but we have seen His healing hand, too. The trials make the triumphs so much sweeter! We were able to visit with her a little on Easter and that was so nice.
We enjoyed hearing the Inspirations at our church - I was amazed at the blessing I received!
We have a busy few weeks ahead, with a wedding shower for my sister-in-law next weekend, Crimson Caravan (woohoo Coach Saban), and a special premiere screening of 'Thor' in the works. I am getting tired just thinking about it! Oh, and my precious little baby (someday he will read this and say, "good grief Mom!") Logan graduates from preschool on the 12th of May! I don't know if I am ready for this. My last little preschooler is preparing for Kindergarten in the fall! Thank you, Lord, for such healthy, happy little boys!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh, Spring!

Please don't go away again...

Our pants are getting too short, our sleeves are riding high, and our toes are pushing ever so slightly to the end of our tennis shoes. We need shorts, tanks and crocs! These are the things my children LIVE in during the spring and summer. I packed all of the winter clothes away and cursed us with a cold spurt. But hopefully it's the last one.

We are gearing up for a vacation to Gatlinburg, and we are so excited! It will be our first official trip to...anywhere! Bryan and I never took a honeymoon, we have never stayed more than a night or two away, and the boys have never been anywhere but to visit family. I think we are going to have a blast! Will be posting pictures when we return.

We have a lot on the agenda this year, and I will hopefully be in the blogging spirit. Posting some pictures we took of the boys in Easter outfits in the green grass to welcome spring!

Oh, and that handsome little guy in the picture with the boys is my beautiful nephew, Mason!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lots of Frustration...But Bloggin' Anyway!

For some reason, I cannot get my template designer to work. I can't customize my fonts or colors, and I am EXTREMELY frustrated. I have seen that others are having these problems, so that makes me feel a little better. For now, I will just press on. Maybe they will fix the issue. Won't stop me from chronicling our family memories!
We had a beautiful Valentine's Day. The boys had parties and I made enough cupcakes to feed a third world country. Unfortunately, I made my first batch in preparation for Logan's party and then it snowed. So guess who ate all of those? Yep, we did. As a family we put away 24 cupcakes. Luckily, the next two batches were able to make it to their destinations!
Parker learned the word "cherish." He said, "Mom, I cherish you." It was a sweet moment, and one of my favorite new words he's learned.
Bryan has returned from another trip to Mexico. The boys have been on him like white on rice! They missed him dearly and Parker prayed while he was gone for the plane not to crash. It made me wonder how he instinctively (because I would never discuss this slight possibility with him) knew that this was in the realm of possibility? As a mom you want to remove all fears. Unfortunately I learned that is not possible, and sometimes worry creeps into our children's lives. I pray fervently that Parker and Logan are not carrying the "worry gene." But I also know they would come by it honest!
Logan is developing such a tender heart. He is so quick to say "love you," and "Mom, you are the bestest mom in the world!" Gotta love it!
I went to the doctor today and have some hope for troubling issues. Thank the Lord, nothing serious bothers me, but I had little health concerns here and there, and we are working on them. I also finally saw a doctor that really thought my heart should be carefully monitored considering my family history. Going to start exercising and continuing on Weight Watchers to protect myself. Those boys need me!
We have had a great couple of weeks...enjoying the spring weather and anxiously awaiting our first family vacation!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 January?

This past weekend we enjoyed some strange weather (as if the 8 inches of snow wasn't strange enough). It was almost 70 degrees here, and we sure made use of it, even though the boys have been battling the sinus crud. We decided to go to the park (and so did every other human in Athens). Posting some pictures of our was lots of fun watching the boys help each other on the playground and play together even though they saw other friends there. Loving the brotherly love and the warm weather! Now I am just teased for Spring and Summer!