Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beach Adventures

There's just something about seeing your children see something amazing for the first time. The wonder on their faces is breathtaking. Parker and Logan were mesmerized with the ocean from the moment we crossed the big bridge at Navarre Beach in Florida. All that water and no end to it in sight makes for two wide-eyed boys!
We were there for my sister-in-law Ashley's wedding to her long time boyfriend JD. It was a beautiful wedding and the boys were ring bearers. They did a wonderful job - but I am biased.
When we first got there, Parker headed straight for the water. He had no idea what ocean water would do, and the minute he stuck his foot in, he lost his shoe. So in goes mom, after it. I hadn't been to the beach since I was a kid, and I myself didn't realize it would knock me down! So there I go, in the water, with my clothes still on and the camera held high in the air so that it wouldn't get wet. I could hear Bryan (and everyone else on the beach) laughing hysterically at me. That's the last time I make such an effort for a two dollar Target flip-flop!
Both boys got knocked down, but they got right back in the water. We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed time with family.
Now we are focused on family in the Grandpa Kerby will have a quadruple bypass in the morning, and my Grandma Cole is receiving IV antibiotics for an infection. Praying hard that everyone is well soon!
Posting pictures from Navarre!

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